Spring Repeater

Or why I’m shopping my closet this season

Believe it or not, I am not a huge shopper.

I know, I know! I can literally hear you saying “ok, sounds fake, but ok.”

Perhaps I should clarify. I go out shopping all the time. I live in the main shopping district, everything from H&M to Hermes is within five minutes of my front door. It is impossible not to go, but I very rarely buy anything.

There are many reasons why I don’t pull the trigger in the shops very often: space, money, quality, similarity, practicality, the list goes on. When I buy something it is because I love it, know it will work with my existing wardrobe and is something I can see myself wearing for a long time. I apply these rules to the faster fashion I buy and the investment pieces. But this spring I am making an even more considered effort to “shop my closet.”

This winter seemed long and arduous. Now that warmer weather is here, I am genuinely excited to pull out some of my old favourites again. Once I took a mini wardrobe stock check, I realised that there was very little I actually needed. I have plenty of clothes.

I’ll say it again, Mom are you listening?

I. Have. Plenty. Of. Clothes.

I’m not doing a “no buy” challenge or anything, in fact I’ll pretty much be sticking to my regular rules. I’ve already got a few new pieces which are just the things I needed to spice up what I already have and make it feel fresh. But other than that, you’ll be seeing a lot of what you have seen before.

Perhaps it has something to do with growing up somewhere that has no seasons, but I don’t feel the need to revamp my closet every quarter. Making an active effort to use what I already have is helping me stay creative. Putting the effort in means I really find new ways to style everything.

It also helps that I am at a point where I feel pretty good about my style in general. It’s ok if I don’t get too creative, I know what I like and what works for me. I don’t need to reinvent the wheel every morning, I just need to feel good about what I’ve got on.

I’m gonna share some recent outfits that include both old and new/er/ish items, and show you how I’m keeping what I’ve already got fresh!

The shoes are new, everything else is old.

So let’s start here.

Last year I had to apologise to the world for how often I wore this skirt.

And I’m not sorry, It’s a great skirt. I’ve since added a few more to my collection so I can rotate between them, but this one still feels current and wearable. I put it on with a graphic sweatshirt and my leather jacket (basically my closet staples), but paired it with a new pair of trainers and it still feels exciting to wear. I also still think it will play nicely with most my wardrobe, honestly it’s one of my favourite purchases of the last few years.

Yes, my hair was perfect on this day

It is dangerous to associate something basic with something boring or uncool. Sometimes the best type of outfits are the ones that have stood the test of time. Black tee, khaki jacket, blue jeans and boots is a spring classic. I find that distressed denim works best in slightly warmer weather, so I have a few favourite pairs I bring out when ever the temps start to rise. This jacket I bought last year, and with its boxy shoulders, classic colour and safari details it still hits a lot of the current trends, more importantly; I still totally love it. And the boots, they are pretty much my go-tos year round, my boyfriend calls them my “workhorse shoes,” and everyone needs a pair of those. The tee is new, I wanted to update my spring wardrobe with some tops that were a step above cotton tees but not quite into blouse territory. It’s a category I call tee+, and it keeps it simple without being too sloppy or young looking. It is a gap I noticed in my wardrobe once the weather warmed up, so I don’t mind getting a few choice items to fill it.

Urban Cowgirl

Alright so this is my big ticket spring purchase, but it is beautiful and something I genuinely feel will be with me for years to come. Spring, as we all know, is trench coat season, and this suede one feels current and timeless all at once. It was one of those love at-first-try-on pieces, where it just instantly felt right. I have already worn it in so many ways, and, as you can see, it really punches up my old “jeans and a striped shirt” look. Anything that can make you feel both like a 70’s French spy and a cowboy should always be purchased.

But I consider this an investment piece, not just a one season wonder. And again both the jeans here and the top have already served me for years. These are the same trainers I’m wearing in the photo above, but styled with a totally different look. I wasn’t happy with the look of the trainers I have and these have already proved themselves with more of what I already have, then my old ones.

This is just a tiny portion of what you’ll be seeing repeated on this blog, others include, but are not limited to:

  • Pink corduroy suit – both as a suit and separates, again it’s something classic that will work for many seasons to come
  • All my Chelsea boots – come on, I’m never giving those up!
  • Midi-dresses – still totally wearable and comfy, but I might consider trying out some miniskirts this year (clutch pearls now!)
  • Anything leopard print – duh!

A new season shouldn’t be about a totally new wardrobe. It should be a time when you can bring out some of your old faves that you haven’t gotten to wear in a few months and bring in just enough new to keep everything feeling fresh. Once you stop thinking that you need something new and really start working with what you already have you’ll probably find that you have more options than you thought.

And also, the sales haven’t started yet!

Not me!

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