Let’s Break New Ground

Spring Beauty Updates

Recently I have talked a lot about my spring fashion look (Sockless Spader anyone?), but figured I should at least touch on what how I’ll be updating my makeup and beauty look for the coming season.

To keep things interesting I’ve decided to go full on Kardashian* Kontour Krazy for spring, complete with Instagram brows and butt selfies. It’s a new direction and I hope you join me on this journey.

What Han said

Actually, in news that I am sure surprises no one, I won’t be changing too much. Why mess with perfection, right? Anyways, minimal makeup and bold lips is sort of my thing, dontcha know?

But because makeup is fun and I enjoy playing with it, I will be test driving some new looks. I think that “minimal makeup” actually gives you a lot of room to have fun, and I’m looking forward to seeing if I can create new looks and still feel like me.

Yes, it looks the same as my usual makeup look, but it. is. different.

Overall, I feel like the makeup world has been trending towards a more subtle and true-to-life look. I am also noticing a up swing in what I would call a graphic-minimal look, think natural looking skin and base accented with a bold liner or editorial glossy lip. The kind of look that Glossier Play is pushing.

Adding a bold eye colour is something that I have been trying to play with for a while. My favourite beauty writer, Rio Viera-Newton over at The Strategist has been writing about her love of a colourful glossy eye or a graphic eyeliner for ages now and I am always inspired to try it. But I haven’t quite cracked it until now.

I am, if you have failed to notice, very pale. And not pale in a lovely rosy cheeked way, pale in a my-face-is-the-exact-same-shade-of-white-all-over way. I need some colour on my actual face too look alive. So I am blush lover, I cannot live without it. A little blush with a bright red lip works fine. I like to think I have perfected the art of it over the years. But a little blush with a bright eye and suddenly I look like your great aunt who lives in Florida and cheats at her retirement community’s bingo games. Which, while certainly is A Look, is not the one I want.

Not too long ago I had an epiphany that helped me figure out how to crack this look.


The bronzer I use is The Body Shop Honey Bronze in Shade 01

Which, alright, fair enough. I can I see why you might think that this puts me dangerously close to Kardashian territory, but it’s different I promise.

These days it is easier and easier to find light, cool toned bronzers for us pale people. (Fenty Beauty just launched a range of bronzers with 8 shades to cover the whole spectrum.) And it is an incredible tool to have in your arsenal.

I’ve been using it to warm up my complexion and give a bit of colour to my face while keeping everything neutral enough to go in with some bold colours elsewhere. Suddenly that statement eye I’ve been trying to make work is within my reach.

I’m not trying to totally change my face, or actually learn the difference between bronzer and contour ( I use them interchangably, I’m a terrible beauty blogger), but I want to have more fun with my makeup. I am always so drawn to the candy colours and neon shades, but felt like they were hard to wear and keep the fresh and clean look I like.

My goal for spring is to bring a bit of colour and whimsy to make up, in other ways than just slicking on Ruby Woo. Still fresh and glowing with that lit from within look (as ya do), but with more spring-like shades. It’s gonna be groundbreaking, I promise.

This lipstick is Lady Danger, and it is totally different than my usual red. Why would I lie to you?
In other news the title of my memoir is gonna be, “Yes, I know, I should have steamed this top before leaving my house”

*I am genuinely troubled that I have yet to learn how to spell the name of the street I live on in Copenhagen, but can spell Kardashian without even thinking about it.

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