Please Don’t Wear Flowers In Your Hair

An Insiders Guide to Packing for San Francisco

Guys, I have said it before so forgive the repetition, but I love packing.

Like really love it.

I cherish it. I plan for it, I make lists, I lay everything out to envision how it will all fit together. I don’t want to say that it’s my favourite part of a trip, but…

I believe packing for a trip allows you to plan out the best possible version of yourself. It’s a little more organised and there is no room for “just throwing something on.” I mean sure I could plan out every week’s outfits like I do for a trip, but It would take away some of the sweetness of packing.

This week I am prepping for a trip home to San Francisco, which is one of my favourite packing jobs. The weather is fairly reliable, it’s not fancy city, and literally everyone I will be seeing while I’m there has seen me in pyjamas at some point, so I’m not really trying to impress anyone. Honestly the clothes practically pack themselves.

(It should be noted that I was just there in April, so I have recent practice and yes there will be some outfit repeating going on.)

You may be thinking California in June, bring on the shorts and sundresses! And you would be wrong.

Very wrong, and very cold.

I am bringing one miniskirt and a pair of sandals, and I know this is extremely optimistic. My mom has actively advised against the sandals. But they’re cute!

The truth is that it is never that hot in SF; jeans and a leather jacket year round is pretty much your go to. So that’s what i’m bringing. Well I’m bringing a bit more, but it’s all basically riffs on the same theme.

I tend to change outfits quite a lot when I travel, yes I am that person. In real life I will happily wear what I put on in the morning all day, but on holiday I become someone who “dresses for dinner.” So I bring items that can worn many different ways in different combinations. Sometimes I change the whole look, sometimes I just swap shoes or jeans for a skirt.

Rather than pack outfits for each day or occasion, I think about all the pieces as a whole. They are all moving parts of a bigger machine. Which works well in San Francisco, since you need to have layerable options. It might be hot in the Mission, but once you walk a few blocks up towards the Castro it’s gonna cool down and you’ll need something else you can throw on. And like I said, it’s not a fancy city so jeans, a tee shirt and trainers will do you fine. Swap in some boots for dinner, and maybe a skirt or pair of trousers for a nicer dinner and you’re set.

And look, I know I said don’t wear flowers in your hair, but this weekend is the Haight Street Fair, so for that I’ll allow you one Summer Of Love throwback accessory.

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