When is a Rut a Rut

It occurred to me as I was editing yet another picture of me wearing a midi skirt and graphic sweatshirt that I might be in a sort of rut.

Rut is defined on dictionary dot com as a “fixed or established mode of procedure or course of life, usually dull or unpromising. Urban Dictionary, of course, pulls even fewer punches: “a low point in ones life. It can be boring, sad or frustrating.”

I mean yes, my summer look has definitely become somewhat of a “fixed or established mode,” but I am not really that bored, sad or frustrated.

Should I branch out? Possibly.

I did recently buy a mini skirt which, thankfully, looks great with a graphic sweatshirt. So while I am marginally growing as a person, I am generally quite happy down here in my rut.

I originally turned to the midi skirt/graphic sweat combo, because I felt like I was falling back on jeans and a tee too often and I looked sloppy. Now that felt like a rut. But this doesn’t.

It’s a look that works at home or abroad.

I would argue that this combo works together to create the perfect outfit, which pulls it out of rut territory. Essentially it is the same as wearing jeans and a tee, but it’s sneaky about it. All it is is a comfy top and some bottoms. I’m hardly black-tie-ready over here, but I never feel like I’ve thrown in the towel.

When does a go-to look become rut? And can a rut only be self-defined or can it come from the outside? Is it possible to be in rut and not know it?

I mean it might be, but I’d say it is definitely one of those ignorance is bliss situations.

I stared into the rut, and the rut stared back.

So if I am in a rut, I’m choosing not to see it that way. I believe that I simply have a clear and well defined look. And I do branch out. For instance as I sit here writing this I am wearing a midi dress. Totally different. And I have definitely not, never even thought about, wouldn’t ever wear it with a graphic sweat. Never.

There is nothing wrong with “having a look,” and until it starts feeling like a chore, or making you unhappy it’s not really a rut.

The fact that I use the same photo in multiple blog posts, that my friends is a rut!

Flip through the links below to see some midi skirts and graphic sweats I would totally buy if, you know, I didn’t already have enough.

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