Too Big, But Just Right

I mean Goldilocks can’t be right every time

If you follow me over on the old Instagram (if not, what are you waiting for!) you may have seen this weekend that I claimed one of Mr. Luxury Underpass’s blazers for myself. But after I had already decided it was mine, I double checked with him to make sure it was ok, and he agreed that “yes, it was better on me.” So like, I did my due diligence.

Anyway the blazer is perfect and just what my wardrobe needed to inject some new energy into it. I have always loved a good blazer, but have never gone the full oversized route until now.

Oversized everything is definitely having a moment at the moment, and the classic blazer is getting in on the action. The trend has gone so far that calling it oversized is almost generous, too big would be more accurate. But somehow it works. It could just be the case that more you see something the more you start to like it, but it really does feel fresh. As soon as I put it on I went from having an “I have nothing to wear and hate all my clothes” morning to a “damn, I am living for this look” morning, and that my friends is powerful stuff.

You can expect a full guide on how to style the Too Big Blazer look in a few weeks, but until then I thought I’d give you some pointers on to get in on the look.

Firstly, follow my lead and look close to home, the perfect option may be closer than you think. And if you know there isn’t one lurking in the spare closet, this is something I would really recommend going vintage for. Blazers and suits can be found at just about any vintage shop, from neighbourhood charity shops to high end second hand options. There is no need to bust out the big bucks for this trend.

Second: check the men’s department.

I had been on the look for the perfect blazer for a while, and couldn’t put my finger on why they just weren’t working till I tried my BF’s on. Women’s blazers will usually have a nipped-in waist with darts, great when you want some perfect tailoring, but not ideal for this look. The straight cut of menswear makes it easier to achieve the oversized/too big look without looking sloppy. A straighter cut also keeps it more modern, and less Working Girl. Also you want a bit of length to balance everything out.

And, for the love of god, lay off the hairspray when sporting this look.

Third, and lastly, stick with basic colours. Anything bolder than a small check or plaid in shades of grey is going take over the whole look. This should be the type of coat you can throw on with anything and feel cool. Think of it and use it as a basic piece, not a statement.

And if you are gonna be using someone else’s blazer for this look, maybe ask first.

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