Love It Like A Prada Back Pack, Sept 19

Confession time guys, some of these I have been loving since August. But since I’m a lazy and unreliable blogger, I didn’t give you a post on my August faves, so they got rolled over into September. Which when you think it about it, is actually better. You can trust that my love for these items is consistant and spans the ages. Also September was a bit of a funny month what with travelling and the flu, so I have not had time to love many things and needed some August things for padding. So without further ado, here are the things that have made September a little bit more manageable!

Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion

Yes, I know you’ve seen this before, but I love it so much it bears repeating. This is one of my favourite skincare products that I have ever used. It is the reason that I am already planning a return trip to Japan. I cannot stand the thought of being without it. It is lightweight, yet incredibly hydrating, and has quickly taken the place of other hyaluronic acid serums and products. It keeps my skin looking plump and healthy, but never shiny – even in the high humidity of Tokyo. This would probably earn a spot in my October, November and December favourite posts as well, but I’ll try to stop repeating myself by then.

Nudestix Nudies Tinted Blur – 01 Light

I have never been a fan of a heavy base or foundation, I like to keep fresh and effortless. I am also lazy, and a full face everyday is just not in the realm of possibility for me. But of course I still like to look good and sometimes I need a little extra something to give me the glow I want. I bought this Tinted Blur Stick thinking it would be a handy thing to travel with, and it has quickly become something I reach for all the time. It provides just a hint of perfecting coverage and has a nice dewy finish. It buffs out really easily and gives your skin a healthy natural look. Definitely something I’ll be keeping around.

Water Carafe

So this is probably something that you saw a lot at your grandma’s house when you were a kid, and haven’t given any thought to since, but hear me out. It’s one of those water karafs that has a glass that fits over the top like a lid. And it is amazing! I have to have some water right before I go to sleep, and I like having water on my night stand in general. This lets me have my nighttime water and I can just pop the “lid” one and the rest stays fresh till morning. Yes, I could use the same the water bottle I use at the gym, but some how this feels more grown up. That, or I’m already turning into a grandma.

Japanese Towels

This isn’t so much a specific product, as a concept that I think should be more widely adopted. Summer in Japan is hot and humid and people get sweaty. No use beating around the bush, it happens to us all. And if you’re getting sweaty in Japan, you can mop it up with a cute towel. In public. At anytime.
I’m sorry, but this is life changing! Wipe your brow, and get on with life. Honestly, I’m never looking back. I guess this is why people carry handkerchiefs, but these are more absorbent. And so muliti-use; no paper towels in the bathroom, gotcha covered! Dripped matcha soft serve ice cream on your white skirt, clean it up! Forgot to put your rain proof seat cover on your bike, dry that shit off. Honestly, everyone needs a few of these.

Pro tip: These are available everywhere, from 7/11, supermarkets, drug stores all the way up to the highest-end department stores. You can get different sizes, prints and fabrics. Some have magic cooling properties, some have corgi butts, there is truly something for everyone! But if you are fashionably inclined check out the stash at the high-end shops. Tons of brands you wouldn’t expect make them, and they are typically not eyewateringly expensive. I got an awesome Vivienne Westwood one for 10 bucks so I can mop my sweat in style.

The Sense Of Style by Steven Pinker

I love a good book on language and writing, and have really enjoyed reading this one. It’s part style guide, part grammar book, part linguistic deep dive, but mostly it’s a book about writing. Pinker understands that following the rigid rules laid out in most style guides (sorry Strunk and White) won’t always give you the best results. He goes into detail about why sometimes writing “wrong” provides a better experience. He takes into account common usage and the rapidly changing landscape of written language, to argue for a more naturalistic approach. While understanding that it is always good to go back to the roots to try and discover the inner workings of good writing.

Alright, thats a wrap on September. Next month is October, so obviously my list of favourites will consist solely of Pumpkin Spice things.

Just kidding.

See ya on the spooky side!

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