A Girl and Her Boots: A Love Story

(you keep saying you got something for me)

Boots have always been my footwear of choice. I cannot remember a time when I did not have at least a few pairs in my closet.

In elementary school I had a pair of pink patent leather combat boots that I wore basically everyday.

In middle school I upgraded to a pair of genuine Doc Martins, which basically felt like a designer purchase to me. I also had a pair of stretchy knee-high zip-up boots on a 3 1/2 inch platform with flowers embroidered up the side. They were peak 90’s and I loved them more than I can say.

I was still wearing my Docs in high school. They were bright yellow patent leather (do you sense a theme?) and I still have them. But I also got my first Frye boots in high school, and those were my true love for many years. They came with me to college and did some of their best work in my early 20s.

My love of boots has continued pretty much unchecked throughout my whole life. I am a big believer in boots year round. I see no reason why they should be relegated to back of your closet for 3 whole months while you wear shorts and dresses. Shorts and dresses look good with boots too.

But I think we can all agree that fall is truly the season for boots. This is their moment to shine, when they are at their most powerful. Sure there is a practical side to boots; they are warm and sturdy. Many will keep your feet dry and protect against other elements as well. And this is all great, but nothing makes you feel more badass than wearing a great pair of boots.

I don’t have problem, you have a problem.

The right boots will instantly complete an outfit, and help you find your swagger. Ankle boots, knee high, over the knee, flat or heeled, there are no bad boots in my book, and I have tried them all. I’m not sure I could pick a favourite, but I personally tend to lean towards ones that have a western vibe.

It is not just my love of boots as a style staple that has stood the test time, but also my love of the specific boots in my collection. Some pairs have clocked up over 15 years of service on my feet. Like I said, my Docs have been with me since middle school, and my Frye boots nearly as long. They were both shoes I intended to have in my wardrobe forever. There are periods where they are not in circulation, but I know they will always live again.

For instance the time is now right for my black harness Fryes to make a return. (Just as soon as I rescue them from my parents’ garage… Thanks for keeping them safe guys!) So you can expect to see those making their revival debut later this year.

Take care of your boots, and they will take care of you. Get the heels redone when you need, and do your part to keep the art of cobbling alive! Leather cream and waterproof spray are also musts. Look after them and like all things, do not treat them like they are disposable. Let no good boot go waste.

One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you

I count myself lucky in life to have found a significant other who shares my appreciation of boots, and I always say we are boot enablers for one another. We encourage each others boot habits and remind ourselves that there is nothing wrong with having multiple pairs of the same style in different colours if you like it. But enabling one persons boot habit isn’t enough for me.

I want more.

So I’ve put together a selection of boots I love, boots I want, boots I dream about, in the hopes that I can inspire you and live vicariously through your boot purchases.

So have a look and boot up!

What I Would Buy

These are the boots I would own if money and closet space were no object. Some are trendy pieces, and others are timeless staples. But all would be great additions to any shoe wardrobe.

What I Have

These are boots that I do own, and can 100% vouch for as being great investments. I’ve had all of these boots for over two years at least, and some far longer. They are classic, comfortable and will hopefully be with me the rest of my life.

The Boots That Got Away

Cast your mind back to the early 2000’s. Picture Keira Knightly, Sienna Miller and the other trailblazers of the Boho Chic style craze that consumed the world during the period. Do you know what shoes they were wearing?

I do.

It was the Vivienne Westwood Pirate Boot. A flat, slouchy, be-buckled boot that could be worn pulled all the way up or pushed down. The buckles could be tightned or loosened depending on the look you need. They came in leather or suede, contrasting colours or solid.

And I cannot tell you how badly I wanted them.

We didn’t have Pinterest at the time, so I had real life actual pictures of them tacked to my walls, knowing that someday they would be mine.

I never did get a pair, and while they are not something I would wear today, I remember them fondly and it brings me great joy to discover that Vivienne Westwood is still making a few versions. So for nostalgia purposes, I bring you The Pirate Boot

Actually . . . I still do sort of want them.

However, if you want The Fendi Spy bag, which was The It Bag during the Pirate boot era, they are sadly no longer in production so you’ll have to search second hand to complete your Keira costume.

2005 me wishes so hard

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