Love It Like A Prada Backpack, Oct 19

Alright guys. We are now in November and the year is officially winding down. Christmas is (gasp) right around the corner, and I’m not gonna be able to hold off watching White Christmas for much longer. But before we dive into holiday season and accept the fact that there will be at least one bit of glitter on us from now until April, let’s talk October favourites.

I’ll be honest with you, my love was apparently thin on the ground during the spookiest month, so it’s a shorter list then usual. I didn’t buy too much new stuff, and have been happily reunited with some of my cold weather faves, which all makes for a slow month incoming wise. But of course a few things have risen above the rest, so here they are.

Glossier Futuredew

No doubt I am not the only person to include Glossier’s most recent launch, Futuredew, in their list of faves this month. I posted a full review over on my Insta, and I will try not repeat myself too much. This is billed as an oil/serum hybrid and designed to give you that “I just applied 12 layers of skincare” glow, but in a way that lasts all day. Essentially it is a very dewy makeup base. Which I like. It has a pinky tint and very fine mica particles to sort of blur the lines and yes, amp up your glow big time. Now that winter has come to Copenhagen, I’ve been reaching for this almost daily to help keep me looking fresh and plump.

Nars Lipstick – Inappropriate Red

There are few things I love more than a good red lipstick, and this one has quickly climbed the ranks of my collection. It is very similar to my longtime favourite, Mac’s Ruby Woo, but the formula is much less drying. It’s bright, but doesn’t feel too summery or daytime. It’s also got a velvety matte finish with good staying power. I’ve been wearing it pretty much non-stop. It works just as well with jeans and a tee as it does with a more formal look. Everyone needs a good true red lipstick and this one is damn near faultless.

Wordslut by Amanda Montell

In news that is probably surprising to very few people, the English language is without a doubt an extension of the patriarchy. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. Amanda Montell breaks down both complicated linguistic theories and the little things we say everyday without thinking about it into an incredibly readable dialogue. Her book makes you rethink long held beliefs about how we speak, and gives old words new meaning. It is also a modern view on linguistics and speech that values the importance of “like, uptalk and um, hedge words. You know?” I wish everyone would read this book, and hope we can be all become just a little more Wordslutty!

A Kitchen Island

We have a kitchen with a big footprint, and not much storage. It’s just been crying out for an island since we moved in and this month we finally got our act together and got one. We settled on the Vadholma from Ikea. It is very sturdy, has a big workspace, plenty of storage and a space for stools, which ticks just about every box when it comes to kitchen islands. But it’s not just this specific island that I love. It is the idea of a kitchen island. Suddenly our kitchen is not just a room for solitary work, it is a living space. For morning coffee or weekend lunches. It is a place to gather around with friends over cheese and wine. They say home is where the heart is, but I would argue it is actually where the kitchen island is.

Alright, that’s October signed off on! So go forth and be merry, because apparently these days Thanksgiving is just a roadside diner on the highway to Christmas.

Vermont must be beautiful this time of year.

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