Ready To Launch: Winter Makeup

A few thoughts on nonstop new releases and how I’m updating my makeup routine for winter.

I cannot even pretend that I could up with the volume of beauty releases, even if I wanted to. These days it feels like every week sees at least a new product launch from an established brand, if not the launch of an altogether new brand. These new brands are often the brainchild of a celebrity, makeup artist, youtuber or some modern-beauty-Frankenstein of all three. Even as an avowed beauty product lover, all this newness gives me pause. No one is really reinventing the wheel here, are they?

This time of year the new releases ramp up even more with seemingly every brand getting in on the glitter encrusted holiday sets and specials. The shops are full of limited editions and glitzy packaging designed to appeal the magpie in all of us. I know some people love their limited edition products, but they are much too stressful for me. What if it winds up being the perfect product that I just can’t live without, and then it’s gone. Much too risky. I’m also not swayed by the special or limited packaging, a little bit of glitter or fancy box is not going to get me to buy something that I wasn’t already planning on getting.

I worry that the constant push to release new products is more about staying present on the Instagram feeds and keeping people’s ever decreasing attention spans, rather than providing a truly amazing product. That’s not to say I am completely immune to the power of a new launch. I try to keep up with what is coming out and occasionally something rises to the top and I decide it’s worth a try right away. But for the most part I like to know what I’m in for with a product, rather than getting caught up in the new release wave.

I like my products tried and tested, and I want to know that they’ll be sticking around for a while. But of course any change of season is a good time to reevaluate and update what’s in current use, for both clothing and beauty products. The downward slide in temperatures means that many people need to up the moisturising factors in their skincare, or start taking measures to protect their faces from the harsh weather outside. There is also something about the shifting seasons that does inspire people to change up their makeup looks, and that is something that I fully get behind.

The change in light and the fact that during winter we are living much more of our lives during night inspires a darker, more vampy look. Nothing says winter like a rich burgundy or cranberry red, and I am all for bringing out the makeup big guns for a few months. It’s no longer the time for a fresh and sun-kissed look, I want to look polished and glamorous.

Skin gets a bit more matte, dew is replaced with sparkle, and in general everything is a little more pronounced. When you have a sweater up to your chin, and a hat down to your eyebrows, it’s only natural to want the sliver of face exposed to stand out. Go wild, do a bold eye and a bold lip.

A simple fall look, with only one new release

So far this winter I’ve been favouring a somewhat 90’s look inspired by a lipstick that while not a new release, is new to me. A post on the Strategist about creating the perfect 90’s lip inspired me to pick up Milk Makeup’s lipstick in the shade Wavy. Not something I would normally get, but as usual Rio Viera Newton’s good review made me want it. I picked it up not entirely sure it would work, thinking it might be good for specific looks or a few nights out, but knowing I at least had to give it a shot. But it has turned out to be extremely wearable and just the kick in the pants my makeup routine need to shake things up for fall.

And guys, it’s brown.

I know some of you may not be ready for this particular aspect of the 90’s to come back, or worry that it would be too hard to wear. But it has enough red in it to make doable, and it is cool toned enough even for my fair skin. It is also bold and vibrant without being totally over the top. I need to have colour on my lips, but a lot of times anything other than red feels costume-y or not everyday enough. But Wavy provides the jolt of colour I need while still feeling regular and casual. It manages to be grungy and glam at the same time, and I feel like it’s gotten me out of my makeup rut.

The perfect winter lipstick

It’s so nice having an option I feel as comfortable in as I do in my bright reds. Everyone needs a little newness from time to time, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to feel current. I own a lot of different versions of similar products, I’ve got a look and I happen to really like it! But this new shade has inspired me to dig a little deeper into my collection and get a bit experimental.

So while I may not always have the freshest new releases, or the shiny new toner that everyone is talking about, I am all for switching up the routine and trying new things. I just try to do it at a reasonable pace, after all I only have so much face.

I think I’ve finally figured out where to look when I take a selfie!

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