but i like candy when it’s wrapped in a sweater

how the world has scandi style all wrong

press play and read.

Picture the ideal Scandi woman. Probably blonde, definitely chic, minimal and most likely dressed in all black, maybe with a grey or camel Acne Studios Canada scarf tied around her neck. Does that about sum up the image in your head?

Well congrats! You’re wrong!

Alright a lot of them are blonde, and yes they somehow ALL seem to be chic as hell, but more and more the dressed-all-in-black stereotype seems to be fading away in favour of something fun, colourful and more than a little maximal.

It’s an easy trend to spot if you have spent any time in Copenhagen or keep up with the current crop of Danish “it brands”. It is bright and floral, pastel and multi-textured, clashing Easter basket colours and different prints worn all at once, and it is everywhere in Copenhagen.

candy coloured stripes

I first picked up on it following a few a Scandi women on Instagram, and trawling the shops in London that sold Scandinavian designers. It was instantly identifiable and very different than the more streetwear inspired fashion you see in London, but it was hard to pin down what to call it.

Well the (subscription only) trend forecasting company WGSN has offered up a name that is just about as perfect as you can get: Scandi Candy. Sourcing Journal has reported that the Scandi Candy look is one of the 5 “Style Tribes” that WGSN has earmarked as being huge in the future of fashion. It certainly already has a very strong foothold in Copenhagen and other parts of Scandinavia, and as Danish brands and style are spreading to the rest of the world we will start seeing a lot more of it.

The first Danish brand to gain widespread, worldwide notoriety, Ganni, has recently opened stores across America. Obviously they started with New York, but quickly opened shops in Downtown LA and The Design District in Miami. They know what they are doing, because the sunshine and swimming pools are going to make the fun colours and prairie dresses look their best.

While Ganni is certainly one of the originators of the look, there are many Danish brands to keep an eye on if you’re feeling like your wardrobe needs a sugar rush. Baum und Pferdgarten and Stine Goya both take the look to the extreme, but make some truly gorgeous and special pieces. While Storm and Marie and Designers Remix keep it a little more reined in if you’re just starting out or want to keep your fashion dentist happy.

what, isn’t this how you stand casually?

If you’ve never seen it before the Scandi Candy look can definitely seem extra and over the top, maybe even garish, but it’s a look with a sliding scale and you can add as much or as little sugar as you like. You can start off small, with colourful pair of shoes, or layered jewellery. I’d also recommend pairing colours with a neutral pattern like monochrome stripes or animal print. Also while it’s tempting to pair bright colours with a black or white base, that’s going to create harsher look than you might want. Stick with creams, tans, and greys to create a subtler look.

I don’t think I’ll ever go completely Scandi Candy myself, like I said you decide the level of sweetness. But I do love to mix a little in to most of looks. My love of pink, red and lavender paired with animal print is certainly at home in the tribe. I tend to keep it balanced with a few Candy pieces mixed into a more minimal base.

is it more pensive or thoughtful?

It feels like a great counter to so many of the other trends that are big at the moment, and a great way to show your independence through clothes. Yes it’s a big trend, but since it is all about adding more and putting unexpected pieces together no two people are going to interpret it in the same way. After years of the fashion scene being dominated by a mixture of minimalism and street wear, this feminine and colourful style feels edgy and rebellious.

I’ve put together a shopping edit and rounded up a few of the Scandi Candy icons so flip through for some inspiration on how to dress like a pick’n’mix shop!

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