love it like a prada backpack, jan ’20

There is a little bit of housekeeping I want to talk about before diving into the first things I have loved in the new decade. I love writing these posts. I think it’s a good way to round up the things that I have been testing, trying and wearing and letting you know what’s the best of the best. The thing is I predict that my purchasing is going to be going way down in 2020, so Love It Like A Prada Backpack may be taking a hit.

I am still going to be writing them each month, but I think they may change form over the course of the year. I’m not sure how they will look each month; there may just be fewer items; I may bring in experiences or restaurants that I loved; maybe I’ll talk about the philosophical ideas that I have been exploring each month; maybe I’ll give you movie reviews.* Who knows.

So I am asking for a little patience as I figure out how a feature dedicated to new things is going to look while I am trying to be ever more conscious of what I’m buying.

Of course, maybe this whole spiel is for nothing, because I didn’t have any trouble finding a bunch of new things from January to tell you about, so perhaps I am all talk. I just wanted to give you a heads up, so if it suddenly seems like i’ve gone from having new makeup coming out of my ears to living the life of a Trappist monk, you’re prepared.

Kosas Ten Second Eyeshadow

This was a Christmas gift, so i guess technically that makes it a December fave. But it was just as good for all of January as it was during the last few days of 2019.
It is a true liquid eyeshadow, and the texture is unlike anything I have ever used. I’ve got a pretty in depth review up on my Instagram, but my love for it has only continued to grow.
It provides a shimmery opaque wash of icy blue that lasts all day. Even though it is a liquid it dries down fast, but not so fast you can’t work with it. I use my fingers when I want a really easy and light touch, and I find that a brush gets it little more precise and gives you denser colour.
It has definitely become one of my most used eyeshadows.

Milk Vegan Milk Moisturiser

Milk Makeup is one of my favourite makeup brands, but I have only recently ventured into their skincare. This is a thick and creamy moisturiser that I have been using pretty much every night since I got it.
My skin has definitely been craving something a bit heavier in the winter and this fits the bill perfectly. It’s thick, but not greasy, and leaves my skin feeling moisturised till morning.
It doesn’t take much to get the job done, but I really recommend using a little extra on nights when you need something more intensive and putting it on almost like a mask. Put on a thick layer and don’t rub it all the way so it soaks in overnight, and wake up feeling totally refreshed!

Red Boots

It should come as no surprise to anyone that these boots are here. I love them and they are amazing. I have already talked extensively about them on Instagram, so I don’t want to bore any of you.
But I will let you know that they are still available in smaller sizes on the Arket website if you click the link up top. They are a true red and will go with more things than you might think.
If red boots aren’t your thing, I still encourage you to give knee hight boots a go. They are going to be a big trend this year, as I have already told you once. Good with dresses, jeans and skirts, they can really elevate a simple look.

The Witches Are Coming

Lindy West is angry. (We should all be angry.) And she manages to take that anger and turn it into funny essays full of pop culture references that will still make you think.
The Witches Are Coming is a hard examination of how wrong so much of the world is, and how we got here. The whole book is a riff on the idea that many of the people calling so many of the current movements (e.g. Me Too, Black Lives Matter, the whole thing with the planet dying and being on fire) witch hunts, do in fact deserve to be hunted.
And sadly she is not saying that we hop on our broomsticks and start lopping off heads (or is she…), but that we have to stick together and funnel all the anger into something productive and make a change. Because as all the laugh out loud moments of the book make you realise, it’s still a pretty cool world full of hope and the idea that we can do better.
So in the words of Lindy herself, “I’m a witch, and I’m hunting you.”

*January Movie Review: I saw The Rise Of Skywalker for a second time. Possibly found it even more enjoyable this time around. Is it objectively a good film and exemplary example of cinema? Probs not. Did I love it? Fuck yeah! Do I have the time or inclination to get into a whole debate about “Star Wars Discourse” with you? No, I just want to enjoy movies that mean a great a deal to me and I find entertaining. It is not complicated. Is Adam Driver a total MF babe as Kylo Ren/Ben Solo? Wreck me.

(I know)

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